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Trends in Open Science

At the Berlin Symposium on Internet and Society (25 – 28th 2011), S. Friesike (Institut), T. Schildhauer (Institute of Electronic Business, Berlin), O. Gassmann and B. Widenmayer (both from University of St. Gallen, Switzerland) have presented a draft paper on Open Science.

They suggest eight trends in Open Science to follow. I find this interesting to follow.

Trends in Open Science

[Please note the Exit sign at the up part of the picture. It is a sort of metaphor.]

  1. Role of research institutes: from ivory towers to knowledge barriers.
  2. Process: from local centers of basic research to global networks of applied research.
  3. Outsourcing research: from make to buy.
  4. Research culture: from closed disciplinary to open interdisciplinary thinking.
  5. Financing of research: from single-source to multiple-source funding.
  6. Focus of research: from broad to specified.
  7. Collaboration: from lone warriors to open research clusters.
  8. Patents: from stockpiling to patent donation.

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