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The Spanish Wikipedia in DVD


Jimmy Wales, a co-founder of the Wikipedia project, is recruiting volunteers to edit a downloadable version of the Wikipedia in Spanish. As he mentions in his blog:

There has been a lot of good work to get a cut-down version of Wikipedia onto the OLPC, but this is a different and in many ways not as difficult project. Some people are very interested in working on the concept of offline editing, but for me, that’s secondary for now. What we need is a version of Wikipedia that is downloadable as an ISO, burnable to a DVD (all the articles of Spanish Wikipedia fits on a DVD pretty easily), with a decent (doesn’t have to be perfect) search and display functionality, using all free software so there are no obstacles to further distribution and modification.

The idea comes out as a wedding gift for his friend Martin Varshavsky. Maybe it is a bit of «too much» crowdsourcing wedding gift; however, we all can benefit from it, especially people in poor regions where Internet is not easily accessible.

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