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Digital tools to create a knowledge ecosystem for learning and research

Next Tuesday, December 6, 2011, at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI) in Paris, I will participate in the seminar «Webtools for Science» with a presentation titled «Digital tools to create a knowledge ecosystem for learning and research». You can find all the information below.

WebTools for Science: «Digital tools to create a knowledge ecosystem for learning and research»

  • Mediator : Esteban Romero-Frías (University of Granada; https://estebanromero.com/)
  • Level : Beginners
  • Course duration and date: 2h, 6 December 2011
  • Place: CRI (Paris)

After the presentation of some webtools in previous sessions, this session aims to introduce a global perspective on learning processes in order to integrate the webtools in a coherent and practical Personal Learning Environment (PLE). The mediator will use his own PLE (see the pictures below for a visual introduction) to illustrate the practical role that a diverse array of Webtools play in his learning process. In this case, learning is understood as a comprehensive concept that includes teaching and researching activities.

Webtools will be presented as pieces aimed to achieve a particular goal in the learning process. They aren’t as important as the use we make of them. In addition, some educational innovations based on digital media will be briefly presented in order to illustrate how these tools can act as means to implement and dinamize all kind of projects. Finally, to make the session more atractive, we have invited some prestigious guests, such as Lawrence Lessig, Isaac Asimov and Bertrand Russell, among others. They will help to highlight the most significative change that social media are helping to develop: a change in the way of thinking and working together.


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Esteban Romero Frías

Catedrático de la Universidad de Granada. Vicerrector de Innovación Social, Empleabilidad y Emprendimiento. Innovando desde MediaLab UGR. Transformando desde ReDigital.